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Six horses racing side by side with authentic race sound effects recreate all the excitement of a real classic horse race.


Each of the six player positions has 6 coin entry slots with the chance to win up to £5 on a 10p model.


Payouts are made from compact self filling hoppers.


Multicoloured cabinet with real hardwood edging and an elevated top sign increase the visual impact.


Swivel castors on the cabinet allow the machine to be easily moved around the location.


Dimensions: 178cm (70”) long x 120cm (47”) wide x 203cm (80”) high


Weight: 300 kilos (660lbs)

Kentucky Derby 6 Player Horse Racer

kentucky derby 2008 model edited

New style multicoloured cabinet with real hardwood edging and flashing LED’s.


The elevated top sign gives the machine maximum impact and improves vision through the arcade.


The large 36 position wheel is brightly lit from above and gives a clear indication of winning colours.


Five slots per player position allow the player to easily place bets with LED indication of colours backed.


Compact hoppers for reliable payouts are fitted below each player position.


Dimensions: 145cm (57”) long x 135cm (53”) wide x 180cm (71”) high


Weight: 285 kilos (627 pounds)


Roulette 6 Player

roulette 6 pl. web site sept 10